Steep Angle Conveyor

Steep Angle Conveyor Manufacturer – Devcon 

Devcon System’s Steep Angle Conveyors are not limited to 15 or 20 degrees inclination like a conventional in-plant belt conveyor.  They can lift the material from zero degrees horizontal to 90 degrees vertical.  In vertical applications the belt can even twist and discharge the material in a different direction.  Urethane Cleats or pockets carry the material between special corrugated sidewalls.  The specially designed reinforced belt has extra cross rigidity that is necessary on the return side.


In 1988 Devcon Systems provided some of the first Steep Angle Conveyors ever designed and installed in India and south east Asia for large mining projects.  We have continued to develop this technology to meet the challenges of higher tonnage and higher lift applications.

“Devcon’s” Steep Angle Conveyor Belts are modern age Bucket Elevator Box Belts. These Belts are made with Cleats and Sidewall. The concept of steep angle betls is to carry materials on steepest angle upto 90 degree with zero spillage These belts can be driven at the speed upto 3 M/sec. The space requirement is quite less as compared to Conventional Belts. Base Belt plays a key role in Steep Angle Conveyor Belts, The base belts are made with special cross rigid Member design to get more stability and rigidity.